How much should you save for the holidays?

The average consumer plans to spend $998 on gifts, food, décor, and other holiday expenses in 2020. Despite the hurdles of 2020, there’s overarching hope for this season to bring love, cheer, and togetherness.

Before piling on the fruitcake and splurging on presents, create a budget with this holiday savings calculator. (Then stick to it!)

Most Americans racked up $1,325 in holiday spending debt in 2019, and — alarmingly — 57% didn’t plan to. Gen Xers were the top spenders, averaging $2,076 in debt. It’s not surprising people feel anxiety about their overspending.

Exploring the solutions to holiday stress and anxiety, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation lists sticking to a budget as one of the best tools to find calm and stay in control.

Input your projected spending into the holiday savings calculator and share your plan with your family. A better budgeting plan could free you to focus on what matters most this year: being together, however possible, and staying thankful for all that we have.


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