onUp FAQ:

The onUp Movement:

What is the onUp Movement?

The onUp Movement is our Purpose in action. SunTrust launched The onUp Movement to inspire everyone to take a step and move from financial stress to confidence.

What is an onUp Movement participant?

A person who took an action toward financial confidence through SunTrust’s community and business programs, tailored client conversations, the onUp.com website, and teammate financial wellness initiatives.

How do I join the onUp Movement?

With one click you can join the onUp Movement and become one of the millions who have taken action to improve their financial confidence. You’ll also have the option to include your e-mail address to keep your momentum going. We’ll send you information that will inspire you to take steps toward financial confidence.

How do I submit my own onUp story?

Inspire others by sharing your personal onUp story here. Whether you just joined the onUp Movement or you’ve already taken steps toward financial confidence, we want to hear your story and possibly feature it on onUp.com.

The onUp Challenge:

What is The onUp Challenge?

The onUp Challenge is a game-like financial education journey created to help people build financial confidence.  The experience is fun, informative and provides simple steps to help people take control of their finances. 

I have a question about the website. Who should I contact?

For questions about, or issues with The onUp Challenge, please email us at onupchallenge@suntrust.com.

How do I sign up and login?

  • Go to onup.com/onupchallenge
  • Click the “Sign Up” button in top of the left navigation bar
  • Create a profile with your e-mail address or social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn or Google)
  • Enter your name, email address, create a password, choose a secret question and an answer
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click sign up, you’re all set!

I am having trouble signing in. What should I do?

  • Reset your password by clicking on the "Forgotten your password?" link under the login section of The onUp Challenge home page.
  • Please enter your email address and answer the secret question to reset your password.

Still having trouble?

Email us at onupchallenge@suntrust.com

Can I participate in The onUp Challenge without signing up and creating a login?

Yes! Just close out of the pop-up box when you first visit The onUp Challenge.

What if I want to update my name in my profile?

If you created your profile with your e-mail address you can edit your name and other information within your profile settings.

How do I earn badges in The onUp Challenge?

  • Accept the challenges in the “Your Challenges” box located in the top right corner of each land.
  • Once you accept the challenges and check all of the boxes, you will receive your badge for that land.
  • You can see all of your earned badges by signing up and logging in to your profile.

What if I follow the steps above and I still don’t get my badge?

Sorry about that! If that happens, please let us know at onupchallenge@suntrust.com

Can I access The onUp Challenge from anywhere?

Yep! As long as you remember your login information and have an internet connection, you can access The onUp Challenge from anywhere.

How do I delete my profile that I created in The onUp Challenge?

If you would like to delete your profile, please request to have your profile deleted via email at onupchallenge@suntrust.com.

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