Planning a wedding with financial confidence

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Life is always changing and sometimes that can happen fast.

SunTrust teammate Juan Ayala is in the midst of saving and planning for his upcoming wedding, while simultaneously adjusting to changes in his financial life. Juan has found that one of the biggest obstacles is that “everywhere you look while planning a wedding, there turns out to be another expense and another expense follows that one.”

With just a couple of months to go, Juan is focused on his savings goal that he’s hoping to achieve before his big day. The challenge of planning a wedding can be daunting, but Juan suggests to “plan and start the preparations at least one year ahead of time. You might be able to control cost that way a bit better and make sure you’ve saved, borrowed or planned accordingly.”

Juan achieved his financial goals in 2015 when he became engaged and purchased a home. This year he is striving to remain financially confident by becoming debt free following his wedding this year.

Join the #onUp Movement like Juan and many others and take a step toward financial confidence.

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