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It’s a common question: How should I prepare for my performance review? Many people don’t take this opportunity as seriously as they should.

For the best results—like a pay raise or a promotion—you should really prepare for your review, almost like a job interview. This is the time to sell yourself—don’t hold back!

Here are some tips for leaving a lasting, positive impression when review time comes around.

Keep a running list of your accomplishments as you achieve them to share during every performance review. The more specific you can be, the better. If possible, try to highlight projects you worked on proactively when you went above and beyond your job description.

Second, think about (and then bring up) areas where you can improve, and talk about them honestly. For each area of improvement you share, come up with a game plan for how you plan to improve.

Next, consider how you’ll push yourself. Make it known that you want to achieve more, and outline what support you need to do so.

And finally, request additional check-ins. If more frequent feedback will help your development, ask for it. That’s what your manager is there for!