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When you’re starting your home buying journey, it’s tempting to browse your favorite listings and do some quick math to see if a home will fit within your budget. It’s easy to forget that purchasing a home costs more than just the down payment and your monthly mortgage. Remember to factor in these costs when building your home buying budget.

Closing costs are one-time fees for things like an appraisal, document preparation, your loan application, and more. The fees can vary but are typically about 2 to 5 percent of your purchase price. A percentage of your home’s assessed value will be due to your local government. These can change from year to year, as tax rates and property values fluctuate.

Your lender will require homeowners insurance coverage, which protects you if your home or belongings are damaged as the result of events like a natural disaster or break-in. If your down payment is less than 20 percent—which is normal for many buyers, especially first-timers—you’ll be required to pay private mortgage insurance monthly until the equity in your home reaches 20 percent.

Condos, subdivisions or co-ops may charge monthly homeowners association fees for things like communal maintenance, staff or landscaping. Utilities like gas, electric, cable, and water are often more for homeowners than renters. It’s also advised to budget 1 to 2 percent of your home’s purchase price each year for repairs and maintenance.

Your actual move will cost money, too, whether you’re hiring movers or renting a truck on your own.

This can sound like a lot to prepare for, but with a detailed plan, a solid savings foundation and a trusted lending partner, you can approach home ownership with confidence.