The Holiday #bestlifegiving Guide

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Having the financial confidence to live your #bestlife is even better when it’s about helping someone else live theirs. What better time than the holiday season to give to those around you? Whether you’re buying coffee for a stranger or giving a handwritten card to a coworker, it’s possible to make the holiday season brighter for everyone you come across.

Here are 6 ways to help others live their #bestlife this holiday season:

1. Throw a party with a purpose

Don’t just deck the halls, deck the whole holiday! If you’re that friend who hosts the annual tacky sweater party, add an extra twist this year by using the event to support a cause that matters to you. After all, what’s better than showing your guests a great time while raising awareness for an important cause, all in one night? That’s a win-win.

First, use a site like this one to find a trustworthy organization to support. Then, set a specific goal for the party. Are you trying to raise $300? Do you want to fill 10 baskets with toys? Let your guests know how their contribution will make a difference. Bonus tip: If your friends usually bring you a hostess gift, tell them to skip the gift this year and donate instead.

2. Volunteer this year instead of over-stuffing your stockings

From dropping off dog treats at your local animal shelter to running a quick errand for a friend, an impactful way to give to others is to volunteer your time. If you’re looking to volunteer with a local organization, choose one early, as the holidays are a popular time for volunteer groups. Think about making a volunteer day a tradition that your family does together every holiday season.

3. Spread holiday vibes

’Tis the season to spread holiday cheer! Grab a group of friends and spend time together making “confidence kits” for those less fortunate. Fill bags with items like travel-size toiletries, snacks, gloves and a blanket and drop them off at a local shelter.

Spread the spirit of the season by sharing kindness with those around you—it can be as simple as showing appreciation to the people who make your days more enjoyable. Thank the flight attendant on your trip home, compliment the restaurant manager after a good meal or surprise your significant other with flowers.

4. Think outside the box

Guess what? 71% of millennials prefer brands that drive social and environmental change, so consider purchasing a non-traditional gift this year.4 Whether you sponsor a hungry child or support an entrepreneur, your gifts of giving can help people live their #bestlife.

As you’re making your list of gifts to buy for others, check your presents twice! Buying from certain brands could have a matching impact. While some companies take a “buy a pair, give a pair” approach for items like shoes or glasses, others may pledge to donate to a specific charity for every purchase made. If you’re making a donation in someone’s name, check to see if your employer offers matching donations to boost the impact of your gift.

5. Don't forget to treat yourself!

The holidays are also a great time to give back to yourself! What can you do to indulge in some self-care? Spend a weekend watching your favorite movies, read a book, get outside or take a moment to reflect on your recent achievements.

You can also do yourself a big favor by preparing for a financially confident future. Create a list of your financial goals for the year with the steps you need to take to accomplish them.


6. Participate in Giving Tuesday

Most commonly referred to as Giving Tuesday, this online movement is held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to encourage people to give back. The idea is simple—people can choose to give their time, voice, dollars or talents while organizations can launch campaigns to match individual donations.

Thanks to the power of social media, it’s easy for generosity to go viral. Help spread awareness about giving with the hashtag #GivingTuesday. Interested in participating this year? Get the details here and join in the cause!  

When you have the financial confidence to live your #bestlife, you can help others live theirs. Make a difference this holiday season and beyond by creating moments that matter for those around you.

Take the 31-Day #bestlifegiving Challenge

Make a difference by helping someone else live their #bestlife this holiday season. 

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