Have a happy holiday while sticking to your budget

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It's a great feeling when all your halls are decked and you’re still within budget. Live your #bestlife this holiday season with these tips to help you stay confident all season long.

1. Start a savings plan early.

Look for ways to cut your spending early on (do you really need to splurge on an over-the-top Halloween costume?) so that you can start saving a little bit each week. You'll thank yourself come December, when you've set aside enough money to cover everyone on your list.

2. Follow your favorite brands.

If you're not already following your favorite brands on social media, now is a great time to start! Many retailers will encourage you to "swipe up" to take advantage of a special promotion, or post about a big sale in advance to keep you in-the-know on holiday deals.

3. Don't host alone.

While hosting might be your thing, by the time you stock the bar and assemble your famous charcuterie board, you might spend your party stressing over the money you spent instead of spreading holiday cheer. Buddy-up with a co-host (or a few!) this year rather than going at it alone. Party planning will be more fun for you and your wallet.

4. Give DIY a try.

Who doesn't love a bedazzled party platter? Look online for DIY gift ideas and give in a more personal, less costly way this year. You'll be surprised by the free supplies already at your fingertips - think pine cones, dried flowers and that picture frame that's been stashed in your closet for three years just waiting for a makeover. Happy crafting! 

5. Make a gift list with a dollar limit.

Go into your holiday shopping with a game plan, and stick to it! Make a gift list with a specific dollar amount set aside for each person. Refer back to it when you're tempted to overspend, or to buy something for yourself while you're out shopping for others. 

6. Be honest about your holiday budget.

If you need to cut back on spending this season, let your friends and family know, and don't feel guilty about it! Talk about your gift-giving plans in advance so you're on the same page before exchanging presents. 

7. Help someone live their #bestlife.

Do something (or a few things!) for someone else during the holiday season. Small gestures like writing a letter to a veteran, dropping off dog treats at a local animal shelter or simply giving someone a compliment go a long way, especially this time of year. 

Live your #bestlife this holiday season

When you're making your list, check your budget twice. Use the Holiday Confidence Guide full of budgeting tips, and keep living your #bestlife during the holidays.

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