Take the 31-Day #bestlifegiving Challenge

DAY 1: Share with #bestlifegiving

Invite your friends and family to join in on the #bestlifegiving Challenge.

DAY 2: Create your holiday budget

Use the Holiday Calculator to help you plan your holiday gift list.

DAY 3: Give a pick-me-up

Spread cheer by doing something kind for someone.

DAY 4: Share your travel tips

Have a secret pick-up spot at the airport? Or, an app that you use to save on gas? Sharing is caring!

DAY 5: Give friendship

Reach out to your friends...just because.

DAY 6: Give time

Give some of your time to those in need.

DAY 7: Give personally

A handwritten card or a homemade gift is a simple way to show you care.

DAY 8: Give tradition

Sharing traditions, new or old, is a great way to make the holidays extra special.

DAY 9: Give with purpose

Check out some tips on aligning your giving with your values.

DAY 10: Give reality

Give your favorite savings tips with #bestlifegiving.

DAY 11: Give confidence

Take the Values Challenge Quiz to help you align your spending with your values.

DAY 12: Give back to you

During this season of giving, remember to give back to yourself.

DAY 13: Give paws-itivity

Give the fur babies some love! Visit an animal shelter or take your pup on a long walk.

DAY 14: Give a sweet treat

Flex your baking skills or head to your local bakery, and share a sweet treat with a friend or neighbor.

DAY 15: Give inspiration

A quick pep talk to a friend can give them just the boost they need. Give inspiration with #bestlifegiving.

DAY 16: Give time

Sharing your time with friends and family is priceless. Check out these experiences that make awesome gifts.

DAY 17: Give encouragement

A short note of encouragement left in an unexpected place is an easy way to make someone smile.

DAY 18: Give the gift of humor

Share a holiday memory you can laugh about now.

DAY 19: Give someone else a break

Return the favor by helping out the people who help you.

DAY 20: Give a surprise

Who doesn't love donuts in the morning? Make the workday sweeter with a fun surprise.

DAY 21: Give a meal

A home-cooked meal is always a treat, and it's a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

DAY 22: Give togetherness

Check out these ways to save on holiday entertaining.

DAY 23: Give back to your community

Giving back to your community makes it stronger. Plus, it just feels good!

DAY 24: Give joy

Access to personal care items can help give someone in need the boost of confidence they deserve.

DAY 25: Give warmth

Clothes and gadgets are cool, but memories are priceless. Take a moment to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

DAY 26: Give yourself a reset button

How do you de-stress after the holidays? Take some 'you' time and hit the reset button.

DAY 27: Give continuously

While the holidays may be winding down, the giving doesn't need to stop. Give thanks to the people who helped your holidays run smoothly.

DAY 28: Give a hand

Helping out a friend is a win-win. They get a little help, and you both get some quality time.

DAY 29: Give yourself a plan

Go into the new year with a game plan. Use the Savings Calculator to help you reach your goals live your #bestlife in 2020.

DAY 30: Give thanks

What were your #bestlife moments this past year? Share them, and encourage your friends to do the same.

DAY 31: Give with confidence in 2020

Think about ways you can keep the #bestlifegiving going all year long. Cheers to a new year!