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When the Big Game comes to your city, instead of focusing on all the extra traffic, think of it as an opportunity to score a financial touchdown!

Up to 150,000 people will likely travel to Atlanta along with thousands of locals, all looking for places to sleep, eat, party and shop.1 They’ll also need ways to get around to game day parties, which are big events, too—Americans spend $15.3 billion on food, drinks, new TVs and more.2   

There are plenty of chances to find a side gig before the Big Game. Check out these tips for a way to earn some extra cash.

Rent out your pad or parking space

If you live within walking distance of the stadium—or public transportation—you have a hot commodity on your hands. Rent out a room (or your whole place), as the average online room rental rate is 3.7 times higher when a city is hosting the Big Game.3 Be sure to check with your HOA or landlord for any potential restrictions.

If you’ve gone to a major sporting event, you’ve probably seen people near the stadium holding up signs advertising parking spaces. That could be you! If you don’t want the hassle of renting your parking space or garage yourself (and if it’s allowed by your building), try using an online service to help coordinate the details.

Check out childcare options

The competition will be fierce on game day—for babysitters, that is. Offer up your childcare services on social media or expand your reach on an online childcare provider directory. The average price for babysitting is $16.20 an hour, but if parents have a hard time finding a sitter, you could up your rate.4

Driver for hire

Having such a big event in your city is a perfect time to moonlight for rideshare services. Thousands of people will be looking for rides to and from the airport, the stadium, venues and parties. Last year, the cost of a ride was up 143 percent on game day.5

Deliver the goods

Americans eat a whole lot of chicken wings (1.3 billion of them) and pizzas (12.5 million) while watching the Big Game.6 So gas up the car (or hop on your bike) and deliver some wings and slices for local food delivery services. Some drivers can make between $15 to $25 an hour.7

Find a temporary side gig

Research online for temporary employment opportunities that might become available while the Big Game is in your city! Helping with event setup/tear down, catering, hospitality or photography opportunities at and around the Big Game could offer big bucks.

When the Big Game comes to town, be on the lookout for these ways and more to make a dent in your rent, your mortgage, your phone bill or to boost your savings account.

Win big with financial confidence

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