Focus on your financial goals with these 4 tips

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Think of the moments in life that matter to you. Does your financial plan allow for these moments? Make sure the two are aligned by using these four tips:

1. Identify the role your finances play in preventing you from enjoying the moments that matter.

Don't let your finances prevent you from doing what matters to you. Consider stashing some cash in short-term savings (like CDs) that have more return potential than a traditional savings account. Making a plan today can help you feel confident in your finances tomorrow.

2. Plan for moments you don't want to miss out on.

Looking to road trip with your friends, get a new puppy or take a pottery course at the local college? These all sound great now, but make sure your money is helping you get there, not standing in your way. Figure out where you are now and where you need to be in the next year so you don't miss out on these memorable moments.

3. Take (or find) a picture when you experience a moment that matters.

A picture says a thousand words. So the next time you're proud of a financially-related achievement—whether that's realizing you have enough money to pay for your wedding, buy your first home or send off that last student loan payment—capture what you're feeling at that very moment.

4. Post the picture in a place that is visible everyday.

Constantly remind yourself of that financial confidence by posting your picture on your desktop, phone screen or even your mirror. Visualizing your moment is a great motivator and will inspire new financial goals.

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