4 automation tips to help you reach new heights

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1. Take advantage of digital banking.

Online and mobile banking allows you to bank how, where and when it's most convenient for you, so keeping up with your money is just as easy as logging on to one of your social media accounts. You can easily transfer funds or make payments with a single tap. That's financial confidence!

2. Set up online bill pay.

Can't remember everything on your to-do list? Who can? Set up and pay bills in one place and with one password. Then, make it automatic by picking the recurring payment date that works best for you, the amount and the frequency. In just a few clicks, you can relax and focus on living your best life. 

3. Set up email balance notifications.

You typically do one last scroll through your social media feeds right before you go to bed, right? You should do the same thing with your money, by checking in on your accounts. Set up daily email or mobile balance alerts to give you a roundup of your cash. Want to be notified if your account ever dips below a certain threshold? There's an alert for that, too. 

4. Schedule a meeting with yourself...and put it on the calendar.

Putting it on the calendar really makes it official. Schedule a simple "Review last month's spending" or "Check in on payments" and block out a few minutes for yourself each month for financial planning. Did you save an extra $50 last month? Where can you improve over the next 30 days? You'll be surprised at the difference a quick check-in with yourself can make. 

Live your best life

When you have financial confidence…you can live life on your own terms. We're here to help you reach new heights along the way.

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