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Americans plan to boost savings with tax refunds

80% of Americans expecting a tax refund this year plan to save 25% or more, according to a new SunTrust Banks, Inc. survey.


Tax Reform: Some changes you should know

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was the biggest update to income tax law since the mid-80s. Here's a high-level look at the changes.


Hitting rock bottom—and bouncing back

A struggling woman loses her home and car … but gains self-sufficiency.


Rising above layoffs, illnesses and other hardships

Here’s how years of savings helped this family when they needed it the most.


How you (and your finances) can make a difference

When you feel confident in your finances, it's easier to dedicate your time and money to helping others.


Savings in the face of uncertainty

When life took a turn for the worse, this influencer relied on her savings.


Working from home? Watch out for these money traps

Save money from your home office with these four tips.


3 steps to putting your money where your heart is

To improve your money habits, think about what's important. This checklist helps you focus your spending and saving around what matters.


Focus on your financial goals with these 4 tips

Does your financial plan allow for the moments in life that matter to you? This checklist can help make sure the two are aligned.


Make the most of a pay raise with smart spending

Earning more money doesn’t have to mean spending more money. Learn how to multiply the impact of your pay raise with helpful tips.


Meet your goals with a financial plan

See how easy it is to create a financial plan, including a monthly budget, and why you need to have one for retirement planning.


Spend, save, treat yourself: budgeting made easy

Download the SunTrust onUp Budget Worksheet and start your journey toward financial confidence today.


2 reasons to not cut up your credit cards

While cutting up credit cards might make us feel more on top of our finances, it's not necessarily therapeutic for your credit score.


How to make financial resolutions you’ll actually keep

Sticking with your New Year’s resolutions can be hard, but try these tips to make money-saving resolutions you’re more likely to keep.


Climbing out of the credit card vortex

How one woman paid off $36,000 in credit card debt.


5 road trip mistakes that could be costing you

What seems like a budget-friendly vacation can quickly become pricey if you aren’t careful. Keep costs down by avoiding these five road trip...


Tips for traveling on the cheap

An affordable vacay is all in the timing.


5 tips to simplify monthly bills

Streamline the bill-paying process so you won’t have to worry about late or missed payments.


Understand and improve your credit score

Confused by credit scores? Get the facts on FICO scores so you can become a better borrower.


Do your financial behaviors support what matters most?

Five things you can do to improve your routine.


Automate your finances in 4 easy steps

Nowadays, there are apps, alerts and automation to provide around-the-clock assistance with your budgeting. Use this checklist to learn four...


Money blues? Try this mood boost

See how a change in perspective can lessen money anxiety.


6 ways to improve your credit score

Your credit score is pretty important. It determines if a lender will allow you to borrow money, and other key terms.


Is it time to consolidate your debt?

Determine if a debt consolidation plan is right for you.


How to establish good credit

Quick tips to help boost your credit score.


Steps to manage and pay off debt in marriage.

Taking the right steps to improve your finances (and your marriage) is key.


3 steps to building good credit with a secured card

Follow these steps to set up good habits—and good credit.


4 things to know before applying for a personal line...

Opening a personal line of credit is a great way to ensure you have extra money when you need it. Make sure you know how it works.

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