Take the 21 Day #bestlifechallenge

DAY 1: onUpdates Emails

Where you'll get tips for managing your money (and your life!) twice a month

DAY 2: Share on Social Media

Share what living your #bestlife means to you on social media

DAY 3: Quiz it up

Take the quiz on onUp.com and learn more about what living your #bestlife really means to you

DAY 4: Align Spending and Values

Take the Values Challenge on onUp.com and start aligning your spending with what matters most to you

DAY 5: Put Pen to Paper

Create a #bestlife bucket list. Then make a game plan to tackle your list!

DAY 6: Budget Worksheet

Start (and then stick to!) a budget using this simple, downloadable budget worksheet

DAY 7: Ask Yourself - Do You Really Need It?

Resist impulse spending by giving yourself at least 24 hours before buying that big-ticket item

DAY 8: For Emergencies Only

Learn why an emergency fund is so important at onUp.com. Open up your emergency fund/savings account and contribute $10 to get started

DAY 9: Spare Change Adds Up

Start a change jar. If you already have one, add to it and make it a habit!

DAY 10: Find Out When You'll Reach Your Goals

Use the savings calculator on onUp.com to ensure you’re tracking toward your savings goal. (Step one: Figure out your savings goal!)

DAY 11: Get Visual

Create a #bestlife vision board on social media. Then spread your own inspiration with your online community!

DAY 12: A Little Goes a Long Way

Time to give back today. Instead of buying lunch or coffee out today, make a small donation to a cause you care about

DAY 13: Treat Yourself Today!

Take a day for YOU! Spend $20 on something you love.

DAY 14: Eliminate What You Don't Need

Total up your subscription services for the month. Then eliminate at least one that you don’t need.

DAY 15: Save Money, Plan Meals

Meal prep at home for this entire week! Make it fun by having your partner, kids or friends help out

DAY 16: Assets Minus Liabilities

Calculate an important financial figure—your net worth

DAY 17: Turn the Dial

Turn off your AC unit (or raise the temp by a few degrees) before you leave the house

DAY 18: Host a Game Night

Host a game night at home instead of a night on the town

DAY 19: Share your Financial Confidence Story

Get inspired with the stories featured on onUp.com. Then share your own story of financial confidence

DAY 20: Don’t Forget About Your Returns

Return day! Gather up things around your house that still have tags on them and take them (or ship them) back

DAY 21: Tell your Friends

Share your experience and thoughts on the #bestlifechallenge with a friend and ask them to take the Challenge