Ignite Potential


This holiday season, we're illuminating what's possible.

1st day of holiday savings

Create a budget

Use our Holiday Savings Calculator to create a budget. Count every expense—decorations and road trip fuel included.

2nd day of holiday savings

Set expectations

Be honest and open with loved ones about your holiday budget. Communicating openly can help reduce “stress spending.”

3rd day of holiday savings

DIY decorations

Trim the cost of holiday décor by getting crafty with a DIY approach. Make light displays energy efficient.

4th day of holiday savings

Skip store cards

Resist opening store credit cards for a one-time discount—they can carry fees and make it easy to overspend.

5th day of holiday savings

Smart substitutions

Use cost-saving ingredient swaps while cooking. Adjust recipes for smaller gatherings.

6th day of holiday savings

Stress-free shopping

Check cost-comparison sites like PriceGrabber.com to easily find better deals while gift shopping.

7th day of holiday savings

Save on hosting duties

Set aside the money you'll save from having smaller or virtual gatherings.

8th day of holiday savings

Be present

Give the loved ones in your life uninterrupted you-time, even if it’s just a video call or virtual game.

9th day of holiday savings

A twist of gifting

Too many people on your gift list? Suggest a twist where everyone draws a name and focuses on that one person.

10th day of holiday savings

Personalize presents

Give sentimental presents over flashy objects. Tap into your creativity and skills to make meaningful personalized gifts.

11th day of holiday savings

Give back

Do one small gesture for someone else. Find a way to volunteer in your community if you can.

12th day of holiday savings

Treat yourself (wisely)

Gift yourself something that you’ll use, cherish, or remember months or even years from now.

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